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Plan your garden with composite decking

For the last couple of years, there has been a growing demand for outdoor decking in the United Kingdom, especially, composite deckings.

Garden decks are becoming more and more popular. And timber is not the only option in town. New eco-friendly composite alternatives are more resistant than classic timber deck, requires less maintenance, and often comes up with a warranty.

Benefits of Garden Decks

Garden decks are a great way to redefine your outdoor space. Not only does a garden deck allow you to make the most of your summer evenings, but it also opens the door to a wide variety of garden styles and opportunities to introduce new plants, bringing new energy and life to your outdoor living areas.

Decking is considered a cost-effective solution to your garden landscaping. It adds charm, space, and prospects for outdoor activities to any home or property.

Decking requires careful planning. It is important to consider the effect of the decking layout on the overall look of the property or home.

A beautiful and attractive outdoor area, is not only ideal for your children to play, but also a great place for outdoor dining, as well as unwinding on a summer evening. You can also incorporate a fireplace to extend the use of the area when the temperature drops.


Average cost to build a standard garden deck

Decks are a great place to spend time with your loved one, relatives, and friends and connect with nature. But it’s also a great way of increasing the appeal of your home and add to its resale value.

Building a standard garden deck, will cost on average £5500 to £6000. The cost varies based on materials, the size of the deck, as well as your seating and lighting ambitions.

In the UK, a contractor usually charges £25 to £30 per square foot (not including the cost of materials). However, depending on the type of material or décor you have in mind, a smaller deck doesn’t mean it will be cheaper to build.

For a deck under 200 square feet, the average cost is in the region of £3855. It can go up to £6410 for a 500 square feet deck, and anything above that size could push the average cost to £11,000 —£12,000.

Do it yourself installation guide


What type of Garden Deck is best?

The garden and decking of your home should be planned as an extension of your interior. If done well, a new garden deck can further boost your home’s value and provide a peaceful retreat.

25 years ago, wood decking was the only choice if you wanted to enhance your garden with a deck. The cost in materials, labor, and maintenance was higher and the alternatives were limited, poor and unattractive.

However, that’s not the case anymore with synthetic plank decking. Composite decks blending plastic, wood and recycled plastic have lessened the popularity of wood decking.


Composite decks versus timber deck


Composite decks provide durability. Unlike wood and timber, it is designed specifically to resist staining, fading, scratching, and mod. Similarly, composite don’t get warped, cracked, or rot. In addition, they are splinter-free and insect-proof – making them safer for families with kids.

Easy to maintain

With a composite deck, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance such as painting, staining, or sanding. You just need to clean it with soap and water occasionally. This way, you can maintain the beauty and stability of your garden deck for many years.

Greater choice of tones

Composite decks feature high-quality wood grain patterns as well as rich and saturated colors – making them look more natural. When it comes to color options, there are many options to choose from, ranging from earth tones to pristine greys to spicy red.

This also includes tropically inspired deck boards, which feature the distinctive look of exotic hardwoods.


There is a wide selection of accessories too – such as stairs, railings, gates, furniture, etc. – in order to create an amazing and customized outdoor space (tailored to your needs and tastes).

A greener option

Composite decks are highly sustainable. They provide the feel and look of wood without any environmental impact. Composite deck boards are made up of recycled content, which includes recycled plastic from items such as newspaper sleeves, shopping bags and reclaimed industrial wood scraps.

High resistance to water

One of the key problems associated with wood decking is that the boards absorb water readily. Without the regular application of paint, sealers, or stains, wood decking is vulnerable to rotting, cracking, splintering, and warping.

Most of the composite decking products are resistant to moisture – that’s why they are highly sought after in high wet conditions because they don’t decay.

While all types of wood decking get splintered eventually, composite decking is made in such a way that the plastic material encasing the small wood fibers won’t allow them to splinter. This, in particular, is significant for children and pets, walking on the deck barefoot.


The Hyperion range from Envirobuild

Envirobuild has vast experience in the construction industry (more than 6 decades), the company offers high quality products and services. Envirobuild provides excellent and sustainable products to its customers.

With Hyperion, Envirobuild offers a wood-polymer deck brand, made from recycled wood (60%) and high-density polyethylene (40%). The Hyperion deck also contains various additives, tints, and bonding agents.

It is one of our favourite brands when it comes to aesthetics, durability, sustainability, and cost. Hyperion decking comes with a 25 years warranty against different decays such as fungal, rot, splinters, and splits.


Hyperions’ deck boards are made from recycled HDPE plastic and reclaimed wood, which is 100% FSC* certified.

The eco-friendliness of the products has made Envirobuild one of the key players in the outdoors & garden furniture industry and a pioneering company laying sophisticated emphasis on environmental sustainability.

*The Forest Stewardship Council


Decking Installation Diagram

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